Musical Discoveries (ages 6 months and up)

Skye’s School of Music offers music classes for youngsters ages 6 months & up!

Musical Discoveries is a fun Music Class designed to teach the joy of music!  A variety of instrument are used, including: Bells, shakers, sticks, woodblocks, scarfs, drums, tambourines, castanets, finger puppets, story boards, singing stories, and more!  March to the beat, drum to the beat, dance to the beat and sing along as learn about tempo, dynamics, rhythm, and pitch.

Join us for our live zoom classes starting in October 2021!!  There will be three classes every week to accommodate everyone’s schedule….at a monthly fee starting as low as $35 per month!  Access to 2 classes per week $45, access to all three classes $55 .

The classes are held on:

You can be creative and use instruments from around the house….purchase your own instruments, or buy an instrument package from us!  (available in Calgary only)



Click here for class details.