Instruments Taught


At Skye’s School of Music we offer a wide variety of musical instruction. RCM Exam Preparation, Festival Preparation, as well as opportunities to learn Pop, Jazz, Worship, and Disney Music.  Age 4 and up.


Many of our students enjoy singing Broadway, Pop, Disney, Worship and Classical music. Generally picking one or two styles to focus on, working on the basics which are; posture, breathing, diction and performance etiquette.  Age 7 and up.


All of our private lessons involve some level of theory, generally focusing on note-naming, timing and musical terms.  However, RCM mandates that when taking certain Piano, Voice, or Violin exams a practical theory exam is required. This gives the student the opportunity to dig deeper and truly understand what the music means. Private lessons or Group classes are required for this level of theory, generally 10-14 classes to cover all the material within the exam.