Skye’s School of Music Policy Document
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Skye’s School of Music (SSM) is committed to providing engaging, age appropriate, professional lessons to all our students. We take great pride in the quality of our teachers and the accomplishments of our students. In order to ensure that the school operates in a manner that respects the entire SSM community, the following policies have been established. All students and their parents or guardians are required to review and sign a copy of the policies at the beginning of each school year. Questions and suggestions can be directed to Skye.

  1. REGISTRATION: SSM must have all TEN post-dated cheques, registration fee, registration form and signed policy document to confirm registration before AUGUST 15TH.
  2. FEES: Monthly fees are averaged over the course of the school year. Each student will receive 36 lessons per year. Payment can be made: in monthly post-dated cheques, three post-dated cheques, or in one payment for the entire year. More information is available on the SSM website. (www.skyesschoolofmusic.com) Fees for lessons hold the student’s time in the class schedule. Fees will not be refunded for missed classes.
  3. CANCELLATIONS/ILLNESS: SSM requires as much notice as possible should you need to cancel a lesson.Please do not send sick children to lessons, to protect our teachers and other students. Extended illness will be discussed individually with the student’s parents or guardians; to hold the student’s time in the class schedule through an extended absence, partial payment will be required.
  4. MAKE-UP LESSONS: A make-up lesson will be provided for a student who is sick or has an emergency, provided notification is received prior to the lesson. Reasonable effort will be made by SSM to find a time that is convenient for both the teacher and the student for the replacement lesson. Illness/emergency lasting longer than two weeks constitutes an extended absence from class; please see CANCELLATIONS/ILLNESS above. Lessons missed because of other extra-curricular activities such as sports or dance, or because of vacations or birthday parties will not be rescheduled. A maximum of TWO makeup lessons will be available over the course of the year.  One available from September-January, One available from February-June.
  5. SSM CANCELLATIONS: SSM will provide as much notice as possible should your lesson need to be cancelled. Should SSM be required to cancel lessons for any reason, reasonable effort will be made to reschedule missed classes at a time convenient for the teacher and student. One make-up lesson will be offered for each missed class.
  6. SSM HOLIDAYS: SSM is closed for select, recognized holidays. These dates are published to the school’s website. Lesson fees take these closures into account.
  7. WITHDRAWAL FROM SCHOOL: One FULL month’s notice is required to withdraw from SSM. Less than one FULL month’s notice will result in the following month’s fees being required.
  8. TEACHERS: SSM commits to regular, fun, quality instruction. We reserve the right to provide a substitute teacher of our choice should your regular teacher be unavailable.
  9. TEACHERS: Due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, teachers have the right to refuse a lesson should a student appear to have any symptoms.
  10.   ONLINE LESSONS: Parents are permitted to request online lessons at a moments notice should you feel the need.

Thank you for your cooperation and for being part of Skye’s School of Music!
Sincerely yours,  Skye McNeill – Owner