Basic Pratice Tips

Whether your child is just starting out, or is a returning student, here are a few ideas to keep the practicing fun and productive.

  1. Depending on how much your child needs to practice, try to do the practicing in either 15 minute intervals or all at one time.
  2. Small children have a hard time staying focused, use goals and rewards to help keep them motivated.   For example, if they learn the first 4 bars of the piece, reward them with a Smartie.
  3. If your child is an early riser, encourage them to practice before school.
  4. To help with your child’s performing skills, have them perform their pieces for you and your family on a regular basis. This will help them feel more confident come recital time.

I hope these few tips are of assistance , if your are ever in need of more practicing suggestions, feel free to ask your teacher or myself.
Sincerely yours, Skye McNeill Owner